Who We Are

SINCE 1987, TRINITY FINANCIAL has pursued a distinctive vision of real-estate development based on a few core principles and a collaborative urban spirit. We love the challenge of each new project, but we’re also energized by the broader issues of revitalizing neighborhoods, strengthening commerce and fostering opportunities.

By training and temperament, we are urban developers. We grew up in the city, we understand the dynamics of neighborhoods and politics, and we revel in the juxtapositions and possibilities that cities provide. Our portfolio reflects our willingness to embrace challenges of design and process for the sake of long-term outcomes that inspire pride and strengthen the community.

Our work spans half a dozen residential and commercial specialties, from multi-unit housing to transit-oriented development. Across that spectrum, Trinity projects, worth more than $950 million, have demonstrated a high caliber of vision and attention to detail, which has set them apart and led to sustainable success. We’ve won awards in categories ranging from architectural design and historic preservation to smart growth and energy efficiency. But the standard that counts most for us is the way people who live and work in the places we create feel about the final results.

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